About George

A virtuoso caliber guitar player, George Adrian has worked as a professional musician for the past 24 years. Born and raised in Chicago, he relocated shortly after high school to bask in the heart of our country's rock 'n roll scene on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California.

His musical career began in Chicago, playing with Cherri Rokket, one of the most locally recognized rock 'n bands on the scene. Before relocating to Los Angeles, George was discovered by Gene Simmons of Kiss. Several projects were inspired as a result of their meeting each other.

George has released numerous albums with his current band JAY, as well as with his previous bands Dragon and Cherri Rokket. In addition to the work George has accomplished in his various band projects, he also traveled the country as a Guitar Clinician for Washburn, scored multiple film soundtracks and contributed original sound cues for various feature films.

He held a residency at the Cat Club on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles until it recently closed (but can still be found rocking in and around Los Angeles), and regularly mystifies crowds with his captivating performances and spellbinding guitar solos. George Adrian is one of the most diversified musicians in the United States, as his chameleon-like ability to not just adapt, but become a vibrant portal for any genre of music, provides for spontaneous outbursts of consistently magnificent performances.

When George was a young intermediate guitarist, he could hear and feel complex musical arrangements in his head, heart and soul, but he struggled to perform certain parts, as his hands were restricted by physical ability. At that time, George vowed to never be restricted again.

Over the years, he developed ideas that eventually led to the RiffBANDZ Training System and other related products and programs. Backed by extensive trials and significant research and development, George has created the most comfortable, productive strength and dexterity-enhancing devices and exercise programs available for practicing and professional musicians today.


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