e RIFF: 1-On-1 Online Guitar Lessons

Few guitarists have the opportunity to study with a virtuoso musician. Until now.

Now you can take private, personalized online guitar lessons with legendary performer George Adrian, from any computer, day or night, using Skype technology. You won't have to haul your gear, and you can schedule lessons at your convenience, only when you're ready for new material.

Lessons are available at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and combine scale and exercise instruction that builds hand strength, dexterity, speed and accuracy with theory knowledge. With instruction in both areas, you'll have the skills to reach your musical goals.

During your first lesson, George will evaluate your level of ability and make recommendations for improvement and potential direction for lessons. You can request instruction in anything you'd like, from specific songs, learning to compose your own music, or techniques like shredding, finger picking and tapping. Whether you're after a certain genre, technique or theory, George can expertly teach you, usually in a short period of time.

Lesson frequency depends on your skill level and how much you practice. It is recommended that beginners take more frequent lessons so that technique and formation can be analyzed and critiqued, to prevent improper habits from forming. Intermediate and advanced musicians already know the basics and have established proper formation, therefore lessons can be scheduled less often.

Considering the demand for George's time, Rifftek, Inc. is pleased to offer four lesson packages. Students can purchase lesson time in half hour, full hour, five hour, or ten hour blocks.

How It Works:
After making your purchase in the "BuyRiff" section of our website, you will receive a confirmation email from info@rifftek.com. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email directly from George Adrian to schedule your lesson time. All sales are final and it is the student's responsibility to be on time for the lesson. If a student misses a lesson appointment, there will be no refund or rescheduling. George will be available and waiting during the scheduled time period. If a student logs into the video chat session late, that lesson will continue until the scheduled lesson time has concluded.

It is important that you log on for your lessons promptly, so that all lessons can begin and end on time, and that each student receives the full benefit from each lesson.

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