RiffBANDZ Resistance Devices

RiffBANDZ resistance devices are custom-developed resistance bands for musicians. They are worn during scale practice and warm-ups, and supported by professionally designed exercises.

This unique conditioning device builds hand strength and dexterity, at a significantly faster rate than you can achieve by traditional scale training exercises alone. The RiffBANDZ Training System also helps train the hand to the proper formation on the instrument for a precision performance.

Even the tension is adjustable—to increase resistance simply stack on two bands.

RiffBANDZ resistance devices are specially designed so they won't slip off, even while you're practicing complex guitar chords and progressions. However, they are equally beneficial for pianists, keyboard and horn players, and other musicians who want to decrease their warm-up time and rapidly improve their scales and skills.

See for yourself how much looser your fingers feel after you take them off!

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RiffBANDZ Resistance Devices (pack of 3


2011 World's Fastest Guitar Player, John Taylor, uses RiffBANDZ. Watch this video and see what he has to say.

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